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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

102 Drawaholics theme Turtle Vs Tuatara

August: Reptiles, Week 3 : Tuatara Vs August: Reptiles, Week 2:Turtle
There were two separate themes on Drawaholics I had been thinking about, and while dozing off this concept popped in to my head so I rushed and got it down best as I can remember. I want to really go in and make these characters a lot more appealing, fix the layout and perspective just make it more dynamic overall. I want do a nice photoshop illo, so this will be another future piece to work on.
did this with Pental brush pen copic marker and water colour

As Tuatara strikes with all is might pulling his trump card, he has left himself wide open as Turtle gathers the energy from the universe and will deliver the end of this battle.

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