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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clash of the classics Pop Gallery

come join me and fellow artists at our book signing.
this will my first time ever being a part of something like this, very exciting and lucky, come show your support and hangout this weekend
August 23rd-24th 
opening reception on Friday 7pm-11pm
423 S Brookhurst st Anehiem, CA 92804

Tiki Machine is unveiling its new collaborative art book, Clash of the Classics, with an art show and book signing - having tread previously into territory inhabited by folkloric monsters, mythological deities and true-to-life participants of the American Wild West, we all decided it was time to step into the pages of our favorite stories from classic literature. With many returning artists from the previous books and loads of new artists involved in bringing to illustrative life classic battles of good versus evil.

Literary classics have long been described as enduring as well as inspiring. So these masterpieces, and their authors, provided the creative spark to make our new art book: One that would pay homage to those great stories, heart-breaking trials, and epic battles that have enriched mankind for years. While perhaps nothing can be created that would equal the beauty of the originals, perhaps this book can steal a glimpse into the imagination of these literary craftsmen who left such a legacy behind for all to enjoy.

As many contributing artists as possible will be in attendance, which is very rare since there are so many & spread all over the world, so be sure to c'mon by and get you copy of the new book signed and sketched in!

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